What is a Penis Extender?

At first glance a penis extender might look like a medieval torture device. But don’t worry — they are not painful to use. They just seem intimidating.

The purpose of a penis extender should be pretty obvious—you use it to increase the length of your penis over an extended time period.

You will have to wear a penis extender for several hours a day for a few months to get any real results.

If you do this with persistence though, you can add an inch or two to your length.

These gains are permanent, whereas pumps will only give a temporary gain.

There are two basic parts to a penis extender device:

  • Bars or rods
  • Fastening points

There are rods which adjust the extender’s length over time. From one extender to the next, there are some differences in the mechanics of how this works. Some extenders are also a lot more comfortable than others to wear—and that is extremely important, since you will be wearing the extender daily for months.

There are two fastening points on a penis extender. When you place the extender over your penis, the first fastens around the base of your penis, and the other fastens just behind of the glans.

How Do Extenders Work?

The specific instructions may vary from device to device, so be sure to read the directions which come with your extender thoroughly before you get started.

Although here are some basic steps::

  1. Prepare yourself: You can do some warm up exercises such as jelqing (read the jelqing guide here ). This will help to prevent injury and give you some extra traction. Then you may want to wrap a piece of gauze around your shaft so that the extender doesn’t rub against you too much.
  2. Insert your penis into the extender, and then secure the fastening points. While you should be fastening the device just above the glans, make sure that you are comfortable. You can add a tad more space if you need to between the glans and the fastening point.
  3. Finish tightening and securing the device. Ensure that you have a fit which is firm, but not constricting!
  4. Next, you will need to adjust the tension rods. Make sure you are exerting gentle tension. The level of tension will need to be increased over time to get the most out of the device.

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