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SizeGenetics Product Review

Sizegentics product review

The SizeGenetics™ device is one of the most successful and oldest devices on the market. It has been around for over 18 years guaranteeing gains in a matter of months.

There are a variety of packages to meet your budget and comfort requirements. There are four different packages:

  • The Value Edition – this is the basic device and comes with one comfort strap, one protection pad and the 1″ and 2″ elongation bars.
  • The Comfort Package – this package includes all of the Value Edition, but also the silicon noose, Velcro™ strap, 1″, 2″ and 0.5″ elongation bars, the NoSlip Protech mat, the 3M plaster and a Luxury Leather Case with Lock and Key.
  • The Ultimate system – all the above plus Revita Cream Moisturiser, Traction Plus Powder, PenisHealth™ DVD, Seduction and Fitness E-books, Device Cleaning Wipes, and Travel Case
  • The Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition – all the above and Go Today™ Vitamin E Oil, Extreme Amino™, Enzyme P500™, CoQ10 Enzyme+™

Quality and Certification

All of the packages include the same basic device made from medical grade materials that are hypoallergenic, lightweight and easy to use.

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The SizeGenetics™ device carries the European CE mark therefore classifying it as a Class 1 medical device. It is a registered medical type one device SizeGenetics™ and has been approved for use by strict FDA regulations. Every single device is manufactured to the strictest standards in high-grade facilities.

Attachment options

There are a few different accessories that can be used for attaching the device to the penis. The Comfort package has all three options, as does the Ultimate System and Peyronie’s Edition. By far the most popular is the new and improved comfort strap as it can be adjusted to fit any size. There is also the option to use either a silicon noose or a Velcro™ strap. The comfort strap is wider than the silicon noose, which means that the surface area is increased, reducing the pressure. However, as it clips into place, it doesn’t always fit all as well as the silicon noose. The Velcro™ strap is the last option and is wider like the comfort strap and fully adjustable like the silicon noose. The material is of course, not so soft, but it makes a good choice when combined with the comfort accessories.

Comfort accessories

sizegenetics comfort package

There are several different options that can be used to increase the comfort when wearing the device. Due to its nature, constantly providing traction to the penis by stretching it, there is bound to be some discomfort during the period when you start using the device.

The most widely used is the protection pad, which is a foam disk that is worn around the glans before attaching the head-piece. The material greatly reduces the pressure by increasing the cushioning.

There is also the NoSlip Protech mat. This is a latex mat which can be wrapped around the penis before attaching the head-piece. Due to the properties of latex, any slipping is reduced to almost none.

The design of the device means that it will fit most men, and on its minimum setting will fit a penis of two inches. It is fully extendable by adding elongation bars to the size that is needed, and reaches a maximum of nine inches. Further elongation bars can be purchased separately and added if necessary.

16 ways to use the comfort system, read more here

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Design features

One of the most interesting design traits of this device is the MDA, or the multi-directional angling headpiece. This allows total freedom when wearing the device as most of us don’t want the device to be sticking straight out away from our bodies. The possibility to change this angle means that it will move as your body does, so when moving to sit down, for example, the device will move with you, helping keep it concealed beneath loose-fitting clothing.

The device is also one of only a select few that offers a huge 2,800g of traction. This is greater than most other devices on the market. Of course, a higher level of traction means more pull when the device is being worn. This will help to increase the rate of growth.

Clinical studies

There are clinical studies that have been conducted and have proven that this extender works and it is endorsed by many health professional all over the world. Click here to see the testimonials of professionals in the field.


SizeGenetics™ guarantee that you will see results with this device. If not, they have a full double money back offer. If after 4-6 months you have seen no gains, you can make a claim for the money back guarantee.

“Simply use your SizeGenetics™ device for 120 consecutive days (4 months). In the highly unlikely event that you don’t see any increase in the size of your penis (or improvement in the curvature of your penis if using the device to treat Peyronie’s/bent penis syndrome), get in touch with us within 6 months of receiving your device to request your refund.”

To make a claim you will simply need to provide before and after photos with the device on and a log of all the hours you have used the device.

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Pros and cons:


  • 6-month money back guarantee
  • high quality medical grade materials
  • 2 year warranty
  • high level of customer service for any doubts and queries


  • Must be used on a daily basis.
  • Requires several months use to see results.

Our Verdict

Overall we were very impressed by this product. There are many lookalikes and imitations, while offered at a more attractive price, don’t perform as promised and many simply don’t hold up. Worse, many are overpriced and more cheaply produced.

A definite recommendation for all those looking to successfully add permanent gains!

Product rating

  • Increases Girth – 9/10
  • Increases Length – 9/10
  • Ease of Use – 7/10
  • Product Quality – 10/10
  • Overall Effectiveness – 9/10

Where Should You Buy SizeGenetics?

This is not the kind of product that most guys would feel comfortable buying in person, and so it should come as no surprise that it is sold online only.

While you may feel a little suspicious buying a product like this online, this is a trustworthy company with many years in the business.

Billing and shipping is done discreetly, it will also be shipped out the next day after completing your order, so there won’t be a long period of time that you have to wait to get started on your new growth, and no one will know that you have ordered it.

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