Why is penis size and health so important to us?

The Importance of your Penis size

The penis has become an important part of how men see themselves, as much as biceps, abs or pectoral muscles.

It is a symbol of who we are as men and how we will be perceived by other guys. Imagine that moment when you get back to your place after a few drinks, remove your trousers only to hear the girl you brought back laughing!

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Penis health

Problems such as lumps, bumps, rashes and inflammation can damage the penis. Due to the results of these issues, the penis may look different causing distress preventing some men of being sexually active because of embarrassment.
Many guys get teased about the size of their penis at some point in their life, be it in the locker room or anywhere else, to the extent that they may even avoid seeking help from a doctor for serious problems such as testicular cancer and erectile dysfunction.

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Simply put, size does matter as it is associated with the perception of masculinity, virility and potency.


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